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Dated: 10/16/2017

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"How are the schools?"

"What's the crime rate?"

"Is it a good neighborhood?"

"Will my kids be safe here?"

As a licensed Realtor in the state of Iowa, I get asked these types of questions a lot.  It's a sad state of the world we live in that sometimes we can't feel safe in the places we live.   So it's a natural reaction for home buyers to want to know the social, economic, safety and scholastic status of a community before they even begin to look for homes in that area.

There's a crazy thing, in real estate, and that is:  I cannot submit my opinion about things like this.

That benefits my clients because they only get truth.  It's one of the reasons I changed from sales to real estate.  I can consult, not persuade.  

But something like "how are the schools" can waver on the tightrope walk of opinion and fact.   And that's where online research comes into play.   Sometimes it's all about the numbers.

You should know everything there is to know about where you're moving to.  But (despite popular belief) I don't know everything.   No one does.

In the age of Google, I encourage you to use websites like this one:

or this one:

There are tons of resources out there for you.  Put in the work and find out the most you can.  Sometimes your Realtor's hands are tied when it comes to answering questions.   That doesn't mean that I'm not going to direct you to where you can find them.  Remember, I work for you and no one is going to work harder for you.

My job is to help people make their dreams come true, and learn as much as I can to make the buying and selling process more streamlined for my clients.

Your job is to search Google and see how the Des Moines metro stacks up against the nation's top school districts, then let me know if you're interested in bringing your family to one of those neighborhoods

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Places To Go Cities To Research

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